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Thanksgiving Coffee

November 19, 2011

In the coffee calendar year 13 B.S. (Before Starbucks), Paul Katzeff became an Artisan Roaster with a mission to “supply California’s north coast with the best coffee possible,” and pay the mortgage.  And what followed when this Greenwich Village coffeehouse Beatnik ditched urban curbs for Northern California is something we can all be thankful for.

Paul’s coffee craftsmanship yielded many followers and a bank account, but it took a trip to Nicaragua in 1985 to inspire the soul of his family’s(give thanks here to his wife, Joan, also company president) Thanksgiving Coffee Company. He witnessed first hand the poverty of the farmers who were the foundation of his business. From then on he adopted Carlos Castaneda’s philosophy of, “take a path that has a heart.” The mission of Thanksgiving Coffee Company transcended from “In Search of the Perfect Cup” to “Not Just a Cup, But a Just Cup.”

Thanksgiving Coffee Company is now not just in the quality coffee business, but in the business of “elevating the quality of life of our suppliers.” Their conscience didn’t stop there. Thanksgiving’s fair trade practices go beyond the borders of coffee plantations and countries. They also partner with a number of non-profits, including Wild Birds Unlimited and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.  These and their End the Embargo (on Cuba) and Defenders (Save our Wolves) Coffees raise funds and awareness through the sale of special blends. Birders' Blend (home site to shop coffee – all Kosher Certified, learn more about the company’s history and practices, sign up for newsletter, check out Blog) (“companies we like” site)


Coffee Facts Friday: Cup of Joe for a Joe

November 10, 2011

Let’s have coffee.  With those three words, strangers become friends.  Somewhere across the globe, a soldier is sipping a hot cup of black coffee and reading a message of support from a stranger soon to become a friend.

With Veterans Day just around the corner share a cup of coffee with troops serving as far away as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Qatar and Djibouti, East Africa without leaving home.  A cup of Joe for a Joe is the remarkable Joe Program launched by Green Bean Coffee.
Click on and in a matter of minutes somewhere a soldier serving in a lonely outpost is drinking a cup of black coffee and reading a heartfelt note of thanks.  For only $2.00, the night isn’t so friendless.

Just a click away and new friendships are percolating on this Veterans Day.  Go to

This coffeesnobolog writer received this note today.  Let’s hear from others who contacted the Joe Program. $2.00 goes a long way.
Greetings from Afghanistan! Thank you for your generosity and support, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks again and God bless.

CFF: A Tree Grows in Ecuador

April 21, 2011

Actually, thousands of trees are now growing in the Ecuadorian Mindo Cloudforest because of a coffee-inspired green idea.  Tiny Footprint Coffee:  Carbon Negative Coffee is the brilliant collaboration of the Mindo-Cloudforest Foundation, Roastery 7 and ad agency Pocket Hercules.

Savvy coffee drinkers know we must reduce our carbon footprint.  Every pound of Tiny Footprint Coffee we coffee lovers purchase equals 54 pounds of “carbon-guzzling” trees planted as part of the reforestation project that “offsets the carbon impact of harvesting, roasting, and distribution.”

Sip and save our planet earth by enjoying delicious coffee.  And that’s a good way to celebrate Earth Day.  The 41st anniversary’s theme is a Billion Acts of Green. 
Purchasing Tiny Footprint Coffee is a leap forward.
•    Minnesota roasted, carbon-negative coffee
•    Protect vulnerable and endemic bird species
•    Restoring habitats through reforestation
•    Trees planted by locally paid help and volunteers
•    Shade-grown Arabica Beans
•    Grown on small family farms
•    Non-profit environmental conservation
•    Building Sustainability
•    Reducing carbon footprint
Check to learn where you can purchase a rich full-bodied coffee.  Even Sasquatch loves Tiny Footprint Coffee.

All Is Fair (Trade) In Love and Coffee

February 13, 2011
Coffee, Rob Webb, and adoption – a love triangle.
This Valentine’s Day we decided to forgo posting the obvious: Ode To Espresso. We figure the social-sphere will be overflowing with for-the-love-of coffee ballads and blogs and chocolate/coffee recipes, so we aimed our cupid’s arrow at a Fair Trade specialty coffee, Just Love Coffee Roasters.
Just Love is the heart-child of Rob Webb.  
His passion is the result  of an “adoption journey” to Ethiopia (yes, the birthplace of coffee).Rob’s desire to help others intertwined with his desire to create his own roast coffees…a match made in philanthropic heaven.  Just Love sets up a no hassle web page for families who can use a percentage (nearly half!) of the coffee sold to raise funds for their adoption process expenses – from pre-adoption, to post-adoption, and to special needs adoption.  In addition, a portion of Just Love proceeds are dedicated to aiding the Kids Care Orphanage in Ethiopia, which is where he adopted two daughters. 
Fair Trade coffee. Adoption advocacy. What’s not to love?

Coffee Facts Friday

October 29, 2010

What do Girl Scout Cookies, fair-trade coffee and standing on your head have in common?

Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts is the correct answer.
Daisy, as she was called, celebrated each birthday by standing on her head.  She was an athlete, an artist, a poet and a visionary and once stated, “Right is right, even if no one else does it.”  The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council live by her words “Right is right” and have partnered with Full Service Exchange to sell organic, fair-trade coffee
On Sunday, October 31, Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low is surely standing on her head to honor the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage in promoting justice and economic sustainability for farmers by selling fair-trade coffee.

Wake up to Justice http://fullcircleexchange

Coffee Facts Friday

September 10, 2010

Tomorrow is Patriot Day, September 11
On the eve of 9/11 when valiant firefighters rushed to the aid of their community, it is fitting to acknowledge all firefighters.  Inspired to do even more for fallen comrades, Los Angeles firefighters found a novel and generous way to care for the families of fallen firefighters.  Fireman’s Brew is the brainchild of firefighters Rob Nowaczyk and Ed Walker.  Three Alarm Blend and False Alarm Decaf are rich, aromatic brews roasted to keep “the engines of brave men and women going during the brutally long days.”  Roasted in the French Tradition, the coffees are 100% Arabica beans from Costa Rica and Columbia.  A portion of proceeds provides for families of fallen comrades.  The company’s slogan captures their mission: By Firefighters, For Fighters—Fireman’s Brew Gives Back.  #877-883-Brew