CFF: Holy Cow, It’s National Dairy Month

Do you want cream with your coffee?  Yes, is this coffeesnobologist’s response.  A true coffee purist would not add cream, half n’ half nor milk, but this coffeesnobology wannabe loves how the cream swirls to a rich brown—pure coffee comfort.

Coffeesnobology’s in-depth research reveals that in 1607 Captain John Smith, founder of Jamestown, Virginia, brought coffee to the new world.  Upon further research (okay, drinking coffee and googling) coffeesnobology discovered that cows were shipped to Jamestown in 1611.  Coffee and cream are classic pairings, and no doubt a patriotic proprietor soon began to concoct coffee drinks with steamed milk or a dollop of cream.

Celebrate National Dairy Month by impressing coffee clutch friends with these dairy facts.
In a single day, a dairy cow produces 100 pounds of milk.
And 100 pounds of milk will make 93.6 lbs. of 1% milk and 6.4 lbs. of 40 % cream.  Go Betsy!
Adding milk to your favorite elixir supplies nine essential nutrients, calcium, protein, potassium, vitamins D, A and B12, phosphorus, riboflavin and niacin. 

Take the Coffeesnobology IQ Quiz
How do you take your coffee?
a.  Black and organic…Thank you very much
b.  I’ll have what she has…black and organic. Okay?
c.  Latte, skim milk, no froth…pleased.
d.  Maybe a decaf.  I really try to drink coffee, I really do—it’s just I don’t know, well all my friends drink coffee.

Coffee lover types
a.  Grande!  You know your coffee and all things java-related, and you only brew with cold, reverse Osmosis water.
b.  Closet Coffee Snob.  You act like you don’t care if the beans are not freshly ground, but are secretly calculating how to get a real cup of coffee.
c.  Coffee Snob Wannabe.  You think you are a coffee snob, and you certainly want to be one.  After all, you order your latte, “No flavors please,” at local trendy cafes.  But alas, the whirr of a coffee grinder is never heard in a wannabe’s kitchen.
d.  Coffee Snob Groupie.  You don’t necessarily stalk baristas or throw your panties at the espresso machine.  You don’t even drink coffee!  But you do love the Coffee Culture Club scene and hold a torch, match, lighter or cell phone, if you will, for the lifestyle.



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