Coffee Fact Friday: Coffeehouse Events for Human Rights

May 28th is the 50th Anniversary of Amnesty International.  With over three million supporters, members, and activitists in 150 countries and territories advocating to “end grave abuses of human rights,” coffee and college have become partners.

Coffee houses are the meeting places of co-eds, test crammers, and free wi-fi surfers. And for many students, coffee and college go hand-in-hand, or, ahh, to-go-cup in hand to to-go-cup in hand.  But there is a movement afoot….and its not just about caffeinated stimulation for the overworked undergrad senses. It’s about sensitivity to human rights.

Amnesty International sponsors “coffeehouse” social awareness events, which take place in, yes, coffee houses and are orchestrated by activists from colleges across the United States from Wellesley to Claremont. The events might feature art, music, dancing…and coffee…with the gathering’s purpose of focusing on a particular issue. Between latte’s and espressos they may speak to elevate awareness on maternal mortality, orchestrate a Write-for-Rights letter campaign, or fundraise for legal support.


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