CFF: Coffee Courtesy

This is Etiquette Week and that got Coffeesnobology wondering what baristas considered to be proper Coffee Courtesy.  No need to consult Emily Post–ask your favorite barista and you will get a cup full!    

1.  Coffeesnobology is sympathetic to the caffeine deprived chap who stares blankly at the coffee menu board unable to make a decision while others wait, and not so patiently, in line. We do understand, but for the love of coffee, move aside.

2.  People who pretend there’s no line and slip over to the side counter and try to quietly place their coffee order.  Bad behavior.  From kindergarten on, we all knew that you don’t butt in line and trying to sneak in an order is really bad form.

3. Coffee drinkers, know your labels and sizes and coffee houses.  Don’t order a Cooler or a Reindeer Latte at your neighborhood coffee shop.  Your barista understands small, medium and large, not grande, venti or trenta (Starbucks’ newest 31 ounce size).

4.  When placing your drink order, say the size first, not last, as that is the first button your barista must push on the register.  Who Knew?  Now Coffeesnobology readers know.

5. Coffee houses are favorite hangouts for writers, just ask J.R.Rowling. Don’t overstay your welcome, though.  Good Coffee Courtesy means ordering often and tipping generously.


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2 Responses to “CFF: Coffee Courtesy”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    As one of those who stare blankly at the board, I’ll remember from now on not to hog a spot in line until I know what I want to order. Also, that was a very helpful tip: order the size first, then the blend.

  2. Lynn Says:

    It was news to me, as well. One coffee site listed 37 pet-peeves!

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