Coffee Press: Parfait cafe

Coffeesnobology vacation plans included a celebrity tour, an aerial Tram ride and coffee at norma’s.  The Celebrity tour was entertaining, traveling to the pristine wilderness of Mt. San Jacinto was exhilarating but coffee at norma’s was the most memorable.  When you arrive at Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs, California, a smiling valet graciously parks your automobile while others direct you through a posh mid-century decorated lobby to norma’s (yes, as in Norma Jean).  Sipping coffee el fresco beneath the colorful canopy, surrounded by lush gardens while a charming server pours coffee from a gleaming French Press coffee pot is—pure pleasure.
Coffeesnobolgy Grounds for Research
The coffee press, a device using roasted coffee grounds steeped in hot water, may have come about my accident sometime in the 1800s.
The now familiar design was first patented in 1929 by an Italian designer Attilio Calimani and later refined by another Italian, Faliero Bondanini.  Grazie Calimani and Bondanini.
The Coffee Press is an elegant and simple devise that will result in a smooth, rich coffee.  First, pour hot water into the carafe, add course ground coffee, steep for 3 to 4 minutes, then press the plunger.
When traveling to Ireland, Africa or New Zealand, ask for your favorite brew made by a Coffee Plunger.  In Ireland or England it is called a Cafetiere and in France, a Cafetiere a piston.  No matter what you call the Coffee Press, Arabica beans ground fresh in a conical burr grinder and brewed in a coffee press delivers an aromatic elixir.


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