CFF: A Tree Grows in Ecuador

Actually, thousands of trees are now growing in the Ecuadorian Mindo Cloudforest because of a coffee-inspired green idea.  Tiny Footprint Coffee:  Carbon Negative Coffee is the brilliant collaboration of the Mindo-Cloudforest Foundation, Roastery 7 and ad agency Pocket Hercules.

Savvy coffee drinkers know we must reduce our carbon footprint.  Every pound of Tiny Footprint Coffee we coffee lovers purchase equals 54 pounds of “carbon-guzzling” trees planted as part of the reforestation project that “offsets the carbon impact of harvesting, roasting, and distribution.”

Sip and save our planet earth by enjoying delicious coffee.  And that’s a good way to celebrate Earth Day.  The 41st anniversary’s theme is a Billion Acts of Green. 
Purchasing Tiny Footprint Coffee is a leap forward.
•    Minnesota roasted, carbon-negative coffee
•    Protect vulnerable and endemic bird species
•    Restoring habitats through reforestation
•    Trees planted by locally paid help and volunteers
•    Shade-grown Arabica Beans
•    Grown on small family farms
•    Non-profit environmental conservation
•    Building Sustainability
•    Reducing carbon footprint
Check to learn where you can purchase a rich full-bodied coffee.  Even Sasquatch loves Tiny Footprint Coffee.


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2 Responses to “CFF: A Tree Grows in Ecuador”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Now if only oil companies will do the same.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Hi, Chuck,
    If only……..
    Let’s start a drive.

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