Coffee Facts Friday: Bravo Barista

Does your heart race when you hear the hum of coffee grinders at your local coffeehouse? Do you admire the latte art served by your friendly barista?  Do you impress friends with your coffee lingo and awareness of coffee regions?  If you find yourself sipping your daily dosage of caffeine and admiring how the barista knows the ratio of espresso to steamed milk, then a career as a barista is your cup of cappuccino.  And this is the week to Explore Your Career Options.

In Italy, barista is a proud title bestowed only after significant apprenticeship is achieved.  In the United States the Barista Guild of America, founded in 2003, is dedicated to promoting professionalism among baristas.

The Barista Guild of America (BGA) defines barista as a coffee professional who has the experience and training to deliver coffee and espresso-based beverages to customers that demonstrate craftsmanship and quality, creating a culinary experience for the customer.




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