Coffee Facts Friday: Fools for Coffee


Quote of the Month: Coffee As a Fool’s Pastime –  “In a word, coffee is the drunkard’s settle-brain, the fool’s pastime, who admires it for being the production of Asia, and is ravished with delight when  he hears the berries are harvested in the deserts of Arabia,” says Thomas Tyron in the 1962 The Good Hous-Wife Made a Doctor adding, “but would not give a farthing for a hogshead of it were it to be had on Hampstead Heath or Banstead-Downs.

Coffee Fact:  “Fools” world-wide consume over 400 billion cups of coffee annually…And that’s no April Fool’s Day fodder.

NOTE: Content edited 4/3/2011 – Statistic is world-wide, not U.S.


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