Coffee Facts Friday: Is There a Waffle in the House?

Never fails. Where there’s a feast, there’s food. And for the Feast of Annunciation in Sweden and Europe, the food of choice is Vaffeldagen, or as they say in the states, waffles. And if were talking waffles, we aint speak’n no foreign language here, we’re talking Waffle House.

Since 1955, they have served an estimated total of 442,451,500…and counting.  And what goes better with a waffle than a cup of coffee.

Waffle House Coffee Fact: Coffee is the fruit of an evergreen shrub native to northern Africa. Each plant yields only enough coffee for one to two pounds of roasted coffee per year. It takes more than three million pounds of coffee beans to produce a year’s worth of Waffle House® Classic Blend Coffee. Waffle House serves 95 MILLION cups of coffee per year (Waffle House, 2005)…. And that’s only in 25 states!

Editor’s note: March 25th is INTERNATIONAL Waffle Day. If you want to go all waffle-patriotic (blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream), you’ve got to wait to celebrate until August 24th,  NATIONAL Waffle Day.


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2 Responses to “Coffee Facts Friday: Is There a Waffle in the House?”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Trust you are well, enjoyed the most recent blog got me thinking (for that I am grateful) about calling a coffee bean a fruit, and tho I researched still not sure of the nuance of calling it a fruit. A coffee bean is the seed of a fruit is it not? So…as I said I am grateful for anything that is provokes a thought — an Illy bean/fruit fan peaceddie

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