Cool Beans Boquete Coffee Shop

Cool Beans Boquete is the kind of neighborhood coffee shop we all long for.  Great coffee.  Friendly barista.  Cheerful décor.  Welcoming.
Owner Ross Brennaman coined a catchy name to attract customers; Cool Beans is catchy and has a familiar ring as in “Cool Beans, Man” plus the name suggest that it is a cool place, one you want to frequent.

Brennaman credits his love of coffee to watching his Dad make coffee every morning before leaving for work.  Like many children, he begged for a sip of his dad’s coffee and one day his father relented and let him have a sip—just one sip.  One sip was enough!  Ross remembered how that first taste of coffee “hugs the tongue.”
He loved the morning ritual of smelling coffee, listening to the coffee maker perk and savoring a sip with his father.   As a teenager visiting the many Mom and Pop coffee Shops in his home town, his love and knowledge of great coffee continued.   The hospitality, the atmosphere and the owners’ personalities captivated his imagination, and he determined to someday brew good coffee in a coffee shop others sought.
Brewing the best coffee meant traveling to Central America in the Boquete region where “coffee beans are rich with nutrients thanks to the fostering atmosphere and volcanic soil along with the right amount of rainforest precipitation and cooler evening temperatures.”
Brennaman explained that like fine wine, favorable, less acidic coffee is dependent on the soil, the climate and the care of the cherry trees (coffee trees).
This neighborhood coffee shop is a favorite for many.  One day recently, two patrons sat at tables drinking coffee and tapping on their laptops.  Nearby, two connoisseurs told me they stop daily, and added positive comments about the coffee, the shop and the owner. “I can’t get enough of the good coffee—and his personality,” professed one faithful fan.   At that Ross flashed his engaging smile and stepped back behind the counter to serve another customer.
Ross Brennaman has created a cool place with a catchy name: Cool Beans Boquete’ Coffee Shop.


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