Coffee Fact Friday: To Strong Spirits

From our beginning, Coffeesnoblogy entertained and enlightened readers about the coffee culture, everything from coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee filters to need-to-know coffee trivia.

Some days we write from our hearts, upholding a commitment to highlight groups who give back to their community.

Today, March Forth-Do Something Day, is a bright and energizing day.  Fueled by a cup of real good coffee at The Cool Beans Coffee Shop, I made a swing around the corner to Bank of America and made a contribution to PFC Corey Kent Family Assistance Fund.

Twenty-two-year-old PFC Corey from Cape Coral, Florida, lost both legs and fingers on his left hand in an explosion in Afghanistan but he has not lost his strong spirit.,


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2 Responses to “Coffee Fact Friday: To Strong Spirits”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    I commend your recognition of this fine soldier. One can listen to cable news all day and not know our country and our soldiers are fighting two wars. Thanks for highlighting March Fourth – I went on line and contributed to a local boy, Zach Gabbard, who collapsed while playing basketball. A fund has been set up at United Community Bank in Perham to help his family defray medical costs. Friends can also visit his Caring Bridge site to offer thoughts and prayers for his family. An effort to help raise money has brought together all surrounding communities and schools. Opposing teams wear “Zach Gabbard T-shirts” when they play Perham, to show their support for this young man’s recovery. It has truly put “sportsmanship” into the forefront of sports and makes a person feel good to see the how young people have gotten behind Zach’s recovery.

    So, hats off to Coffeesnobology for reminding us of this day and that making a difference and caring for each other can be as addictive as our beloved morning coffee.

    • coffeesnobology Says:

      Kudo’s to Lynn and Katharine for their individual efforts of philanthropy to strangers in need. Way to Do Something! I’m going forth today to bring my elderly, bachelor neighbor to and from surgery, take care of his cats, and heat up the vegan soup I made him for supper…Are there any more stories out there?

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