Coffee Quote of the Month: Abigail and Revolutionary Coffee

In 1777 Abigail wrote to John explaining, “that there is a great scarcity of Sugar and Coffee, articles which the Female part of the State are very loth to give up….
It was rumored that an eminent, wealthy, stingy Merchant (who is a Batchelor) had a Hogshead of Coffee in his Store which he refused to sell to the committee under 6 shillings per pound.  A Number of Females some say a hundred, some say more assembled with a cart and trucks, marched down to the Ware House and demanded the keys, which he refused to deliver, upon which one of them seazd him by his Neck and tossed him into the cart and discharged him, then opened the Warehouse, Hoisted out the Coffee themselves, put it into the trucks and drove off.”


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