Fairytale Day Sipped and Savored

  The Brothers Grimm were my literary siblings growing up. Their tales saturated my skin, each one becoming embedded in my memory until they became part of my genetics. To me a brain is synonymous with a scarecrow, and “Rats, trapped like mice,” is part of my vernacular.  

How dry the day if we could not interpret the mondane with the magical?  

Therefore, in honor of the art, we have dedicated this day to coffee inspired enchantment. But first we need a setting that befits the telling: enter the Common Ground Cafe (featured in, “Once Upon a Cup of Coffee” at www.mysecretboston.com)

Common Ground Cafe


 Got Coffee? Good. Now…

A long time ago, in the land of Kaffa, there lived a young girl by the name of Ekundayo.  Ekundayo lived in a hut with her Sayt Ayat, FireHeywot and her uncle, Tilahun. When the rains began she sat on her stool, gazing out the window at the forested mountains in the clouds, unable to eat, unable to move.

      “Why do you not eat your stew?” asked her Sayt Ayat. “Is it too spicy?”

       To which Ekundayo replied, “Thank you grandmother, it is fine.”

      “Have you the fever, do you not feel well?”

      To which she replied, “I feel fine.”

      “Why do you sit there?” her Sayt Ayat asked. “Can you not walk?”

      To which she replied, “My limbs are fine.”

     Still the rain fell and still Ekundayo had not moved.  So one night, while the winds tore at the thatch, FireHeywot and Tilahun whispered.

     “Let us summon the healer from the village,” suggested FireHeywot.

     “No,” said Tilahun, hunching forward and looking over his shoulder at Ekundayo, whose head was resting on the sill. “The child’s spirit has been taken.  We will bring her to the monastery where they will rid her of the evil.”

 Over on the stool, Ekundayo let her breath rise in and flow out to mimic the rhythm of someone sleeping. She tried to imagine where they would take her. She wanted to run away, she wanted to shout at her uncle, “I am hollow; there is nothing inside me.” But even in fear, she could not move. She did not speak. Instead she squeezed her eyes shut tighter and saw herself on the mountain amid the clouds. She walked through the forest without getting wet. She picked giant purple lobelia and held them to her nose. She watched a funny looking bird with white cheeks fly to her and away and to her again. It called to her and she followed. The bird flew to a bush where it plucked out a sprig with clusters of red berries, then brought them to her.  She ate the fruit. Her feet became drums upon the earth and she began to dance. She danced all the way down the hillside back to the hut. She danced with her Sayt Ayat and her uncle in the yard among the goats and the chickens.

The next morning when Ekundayo woke the skies were clear. In the palm of her right hand she held a twig with green leaves and red cherries. And in her left, a feather.


(Image: www.africanbirdclub.org)

For coffee tales visit www.selamta.net


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2 Responses to “Fairytale Day Sipped and Savored”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    Ahh, were these coffee berries the little bird brought and Ekundayo was feeling the influence of caffeine? This would tie in with the dancing goats Coffeesnobology wrote about a few weeks past. A dancing child, however, is cuter and more inspiring.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Dear Devoted Reader,
    It does have a connection to dancing goats, but, I agree, this original fairy tale by coffeesnobologist Jodi is a charming original and inspiring.

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