All Is Fair (Trade) In Love and Coffee

Coffee, Rob Webb, and adoption – a love triangle.
This Valentine’s Day we decided to forgo posting the obvious: Ode To Espresso. We figure the social-sphere will be overflowing with for-the-love-of coffee ballads and blogs and chocolate/coffee recipes, so we aimed our cupid’s arrow at a Fair Trade specialty coffee, Just Love Coffee Roasters.
Just Love is the heart-child of Rob Webb.  
His passion is the result  of an “adoption journey” to Ethiopia (yes, the birthplace of coffee).Rob’s desire to help others intertwined with his desire to create his own roast coffees…a match made in philanthropic heaven.  Just Love sets up a no hassle web page for families who can use a percentage (nearly half!) of the coffee sold to raise funds for their adoption process expenses – from pre-adoption, to post-adoption, and to special needs adoption.  In addition, a portion of Just Love proceeds are dedicated to aiding the Kids Care Orphanage in Ethiopia, which is where he adopted two daughters. 
Fair Trade coffee. Adoption advocacy. What’s not to love?

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2 Responses to “All Is Fair (Trade) In Love and Coffee”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    This story of adoption leaves me so touched. I commend Rob Webb – something as basic as the love of coffee was his inspiration to find a way to help little children. We all know what its like: a sip of the familiar brew and our minds start to ask,” What if?” Does Coffeesnobology know where this coffee is sold? I would like to support his commitment to helping children grow up in a loving environment. Something so basic.

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