Update on Franklin Roosevelt’s Birthday Cake

As promised, last evening I hustled to the store for eggs.  The recipe for Franklin Roosevelt’s birthday cake did not include frosting, but a rich chocolate frosting made with espresso powder swirled on the cake is just right.
I did use freshly ground and brewed Tanzanian Peaberry coffee, which is a medium body, flora flavor. Make enough coffee to enjoy a cup yourself as the cake bakes.



2 Responses to “Update on Franklin Roosevelt’s Birthday Cake”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    How about the cake? Was it worth the effort and should I try baking one? Or just brew the coffee and sit back with a book on Delano and “think” cake?

  2. Lynn Says:

    I like your idea so much better. Think cake and sip coffee, fewer calories.

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