Coffee Facts Friday

Let’s hear a java- shout for Fun at Work Day.  Yippee!  Lucky us, it is also National Kazoo Day.  On Friday, January 28, do the grind and play your kazoo.
Fun At Work Day Activities
Grind. Brew. Indulge.  Forget about the giant urn of coffee sitting there for hours on end and treat your colleagues to freshly ground, freshly brewed real good coffee kazoo you deserve only the best.

Espresso yourself and play Kazoo Trivia
Hum a few work-related tunes on your kazoo
Workin’ 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin’

She’s a working girl, she is single and free
She’s a mother & wife and she’s proud to be
A working girl

Kazoo Facts
In the 1840s, Alabama Vest of Macon, Georgia, first invented the Kazoo based on an African instrument.  Thaddeus von Clegg, a German clock master, made the kazoo based on Alabama’s specifications.
*Kazoos are easy to play
*Hum a tune into a kazoo, and you are an expert
*Play a solo or join a workplace group
*Kazoos are inexpensive
*Kazoos represent the musical richness of American culture
*Kazoos can form many musical tones
*Paul Newman and Barbara Stewart started the first Kazoo Day in 1976



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