Irish Coffee Day

The Answer…Irish coffee
The Question…What drink, in a single mug, contains all of the four essential food groups:  alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat?
Cheers to you on Irish Coffee Day!

Sympathetic to passengers who had to brave an often chilly and bumpy flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Joe Sheridan developed a drink to warm their hearts and spirits.  This special drink was first served, in 1942, to weary passengers at the Foynes Airport (Shannon International Airport).  As the story goes, thankful passengers asked, “Is this Brazilian coffee?”   “No,” answered Joe, “It is Irish coffee.”

Anytime, anywhere is the right time to enjoy an Irish coffee, but even more delicious is in an Irish pub.  We were met at the wharf by Ronan who greeted us with Tis a soft day, meaning—a light rain.  In Ronan’s trap we were off to explore the stark, beauty of Inishmore’s rugged coastline.  When the mist lifted, we settled down before a peat fire and enjoyed one of Ireland’s greatest gifts:  Irish coffee.  We enjoyed the cheerful Irish hospitality especially when our host Bridget asked if she could top off our coffee and then she did with another shot of Jameson!

Classic Irish coffee recipe
First, fill a glass mug with very hot water to pre-heat, then empty
Pour hot coffee into the glass ¾ full.  Drop in two sugar cubes.
Stir until sugar is dissolved
Add a full jigger of Irish whiskey
Top with whipped cream by pouring gently over a spoon.
Above is the classic recipe for a well-made Irish coffee…Or as my Irish husband quipped
1 part coffee
2 parts Jameson whisky
Coffee optional. (Alex Levine)


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