Coffee Fact (?) Friday: Squirrel Appreciation Day


 (The original photo was taken by David A. Sommers, a photographer for the Saginaw News. Note:found photo at

 January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day. But do squirrels for a fact partake in a morning cup of joe? Other than the random photo or YouTube video, there is no documented proof that as a species squirrels drink coffee. Still one wonders…

Throughout the year, while we sip our morning jolt, we watch the squirrel’s circus antics: backyard high wire sprints without a net; comical theatrics of chase without the clown paint; feats of great daring, such as hanging by their toes on a downward-arching tree branch while their dexterous paws raid the squirrel-proof bird feeder. It seems as though their movements are motivated by more than nuts. These energetic activities indicate a buzz. Case and point: have you ever seen a sleeping squirrel? Exactly.

So one can either regard their tail-twitching behavior as a cautionary tale illustrating the effects of too much caffeine, or one can pour oneself a second cup and, for just today, sit back and be inspired by the squirrel’s tenacity and talents.  Tomorrow you can begin your 364 day personal war anew.

(If you would like to share your squirrel sightings go to . Also, Christy Hargrove, the founder of Squirrel Appreciation Day, has tips on squirrel management at her website .)


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