Latte Literature

A coffee reference always attracts coffeesnobology’s attention, so our cappuccino cup runneth over when Jonathan Franzen wrote about shade-grown coffee in Freedom, a multi-layered family saga.  Readers learn that shade-grown coffee is better both in taste and for the environment.  Fact or fiction? We have all heard the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction.” A Google search turned up over 100,000 results confirming Franzen’s statements. (The truth…I didn’t read all 100,000) Go ahead, sip a cup of shade-grown coffee, and be entertained by Franzen who introduces us to the Berglunds and their struggles, sometimes comical, sometimes tragic, but always compelling.
Jessica, Walter and Patty Berglund’s adult daughter, admits “It rankles her that Walter, with his South American connection, was able to steer Joey (her brother) into shade-grown coffee at exactly the moment when fortunes could be made in it…  And there is no getting around the fact that shade-grown coffee is better for the environment, better especially for birds, and that Joey deserves credit for trumpeting this fact and marketing it astutely.”

Freedom, 533 and 534
Here are a few facts worthy of Coffeesnobology
•    Shaded coffee plantations are one of the best preservers of bio-diversity
•    Environmentally friendly coffee is a marketing niche for farmers
•    Shade-grown coffee is more sustainable than ‘sun coffee’
•    Shaded plantations preserve soil structure, preventing erosions
•    Shade-grown coffee plantations enable animals and birds to spread and prosper
“Beans, Birds and Bio-Diversity”


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2 Responses to “Latte Literature”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    I just picked up a copy of this book so now I will read it with a cup of coffee and enjoy both!

  2. Lynn Says:

    Franzan does write a fine novel. You will learn that he also dislikes cats, loves birds and, of course, shade-grown coffee.

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