Santa’s List Day… for Coffee Drinkers

Ho, Ho, hold onto your fuzzy, red britches shoppers. Don’t fret about what to get the  coffee lover in your life. The Coffee Snobology elves are here to help. 

 Santa Reading His List

We’ve made you a list

Worth bookmarking twice,

If you’re searching for gifts

For those naughty or nice.

FOR THE FOODIE: Yum! They’ve got Byrd Coffee Cookies ($9.95) and Robert Rothschild Chocolate Espresso Dip ($8.18 for 10.5oz.)

FOR THE BOOKWORM: These selections have had good reviews: Home Coffee Roasting: Romance & Revival, by Kenneth Davids and professional Barista’s Handbook, by Scott Rao

FOR THE KITCHEN: Check out a NY Times favorite: Technivorm Moccamaster KB 741 that brews at the “proper” temperature, along with a multitude of other gadgets.

FOR FUN: They’ve got the Coffee of the Month Club ($19.95), plus specialty gift baskets ($24.95 – $49.95) or go to for Kona gift baskets ($44.99) and more!


coffee berry photo by Steve Holland


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