Grounds for Recycling

So. I’m sipping my cafe` Americana on a blue sky fall morning when I step out onto the back deck to hear the report of rifle shots echoing off of the Colorado National Monument. I look out into our back yard toward the Chitalpa ‘Pink Dawn’ tree  my husband and I recently planted. The nursery told us that this drought resistant specimen would do well in our climate, grow quickly, and fill with pale pink flowers next spring into summer.

I’m sceptical, and with good reason.  I have a history of botanical aspirations with a high failure rate. Still, we dug the spade into the ground, planted the five-foot tree according to the nursery’s directions, and refilled the hole with a  magical dirt enhancer. A few weeks went by of watering and watching the willow-like branches bare up for the coming winter. Then deer hunting season started and we began to see a handsome young buck frequenting the neighborhood.  

I walk down the steps and over to the barren Pink Dawn. Bark is nibbled up and down one side, and a once sturdy branch dangles by a sinewy green thread. I call the Bookcliff Gardens Nursery. Thank Mother Earth for Master Gardners. Without hesitation Debbie tells me to put some coffee grounds in cheese cloth and tie it to the tree, along with sprinkling some around the perimeter: apparently, deer are not coffee snobs.


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4 Responses to “Grounds for Recycling”

  1. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    I am thankful that deer are not coffee snobs! Every spring the deer seem to know when our garden seeds have become tender spouts. Before our eyes the sprouts are gone and we have to replant. Coffee grounds are cheap – I can easily spread those around. I wonder if Asian Beetles are coffee snobs. Hmmm?

  2. Lynn Says:

    Coffee Grounds have many uses. I recall you found coffee grounds to be a practical, but messy, scrub in the tub.

  3. Katharine Lehmkuhl Says:

    Yes, messy – but a good scrub. Coffee grounds with olive oil did make a great scrub. Also, I found that my husband followed the coffee aroma to the shower, so in a sense, he and the deer have a lot in common: deer repellent, man attractant.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Now, that is a real product winner and indorsement for recycling.

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