Costumes Then and Now

When I was a kid (never mind how long ago), our candy-soliciting attire was simple. We were resourceful. In my neighborhood there were no polyester pre-fab superhero, super-star, super store purchased costumes. True, there was the occasional plastic monster and princess mask. You know the ones with a stapled on string, two small holes over the eyes that enabled minimum visibility, and one over the mouth that allowed a muffled “trickortreat,” which also enabled the hot-breath turned drool from running house to house to collect inside. Instead, we raided the back of our parent’s closets for retro clothing and sheets. We rummaged through the Avon sample bag of lipstick colors to paint our faces.  Most girls were gypsies and witches, while many boys were ghosts and vampires.  But – and maybe this was because the railroad went through the middle of town, or maybe because our parents and grandparents were impacted by the Great Depression, or perhaps the clothing in the attic dictated it – but, a hobo was the transformation of the middle school masses (junior high back then). No self-unassured pre-teen or teen would be caught (un)dead in one of their mother’s homemade costumes.

Enter the Age of the Crafters. Leave it to Queen Martha herself to feature a costume for the coffee snob: ***(read disclaimer) Coffee-Filter Fairy Godmother No-Sew Halloween Costume – Introduction –

***WARNING!!! Before clicking on to see this …I can only call it a Creation… put down your coffee cups, lest you be frightened into spilling hot liquid in your lap and scaring the dog with your high-pitched screams.


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2 Responses to “Costumes Then and Now”

  1. Karen Vollen Says:

    Loved the creativity of usings filters for the costume and the trip down “memory lane”. In our neighborhood there were lots of ghosts wearing abandoned sheets and gypsies with painted faces using Mom’s lipstick. The kids of today don’t know what they are missing!

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