Coffee Facts Friday

In this land of the midnight sun, Norwegians are world leaders in consumption of coffee.  Lots and lots of java beans are imported, 41 tons actually.
No Starbucks abound in this land of soaring glaciers and spectacular Fjords, but coffee bars percolate in Oslo where coffee lovers gather to sip specialty drinks.
Espressos and Cappuccinos are trendy, but Norwegian Egg Coffee is still a staple.  Learn how to brew authentic Norwegian coffee at
Another cherished custom is the afternoon social kaffe.   Steaming pots of rich coffee and sumptuous cakes and buttery cookies are served to friends and family.  Jubel!
Leif Erikson Day is celebrated this Saturday October 9 throughout the United States.  Leif Erikson is the first recorded Nordic person to explore North America.  One has to wonder if this early explorer, nicknamed Leif the Lucky, was motivated to discover new lands or discover the best cup of coffee.


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