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Costumes Then and Now

October 31, 2010

When I was a kid (never mind how long ago), our candy-soliciting attire was simple. We were resourceful. In my neighborhood there were no polyester pre-fab superhero, super-star, super store purchased costumes. True, there was the occasional plastic monster and princess mask. You know the ones with a stapled on string, two small holes over the eyes that enabled minimum visibility, and one over the mouth that allowed a muffled “trickortreat,” which also enabled the hot-breath turned drool from running house to house to collect inside. Instead, we raided the back of our parent’s closets for retro clothing and sheets. We rummaged through the Avon sample bag of lipstick colors to paint our faces.  Most girls were gypsies and witches, while many boys were ghosts and vampires.  But – and maybe this was because the railroad went through the middle of town, or maybe because our parents and grandparents were impacted by the Great Depression, or perhaps the clothing in the attic dictated it – but, a hobo was the transformation of the middle school masses (junior high back then). No self-unassured pre-teen or teen would be caught (un)dead in one of their mother’s homemade costumes.

Enter the Age of the Crafters. Leave it to Queen Martha herself to feature a costume for the coffee snob: ***(read disclaimer) Coffee-Filter Fairy Godmother No-Sew Halloween Costume – Introduction –

***WARNING!!! Before clicking on to see this …I can only call it a Creation… put down your coffee cups, lest you be frightened into spilling hot liquid in your lap and scaring the dog with your high-pitched screams.


Coffee Facts Friday

October 29, 2010

What do Girl Scout Cookies, fair-trade coffee and standing on your head have in common?

Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts is the correct answer.
Daisy, as she was called, celebrated each birthday by standing on her head.  She was an athlete, an artist, a poet and a visionary and once stated, “Right is right, even if no one else does it.”  The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council live by her words “Right is right” and have partnered with Full Service Exchange to sell organic, fair-trade coffee
On Sunday, October 31, Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low is surely standing on her head to honor the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage in promoting justice and economic sustainability for farmers by selling fair-trade coffee.

Wake up to Justice http://fullcircleexchange

Wordless Wednesday

October 27, 2010

Coffee Facts Friday

October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Franz Liszt.  The famous Hungarian-born composer and pianist gave us Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, among other gems.  Franz loved his music and his coffee.  Check out the Caffe Greco on YouTube that boasts Franz Liszt as one their famous past patrons.  Caffe Greco has been serving coffee continuously for 250 years…now that’s a lot of caffeine.

Bela: It’s Your Birthday, You Can Suck If You Want To

October 19, 2010


.via One Body Too Many : William H. Pine : Free Download &   Streaming : Internet Archive. (View for a scene with Bela as campy coffee-serving-butler, featuring Jack Haley (Tin Man in Wizard of Oz), a.k.a. retro coffee snob.

YouTube – Tribute to Bela Lugosi via YouTube – Tribute to Bela Lugosi.

Coffee Facts Friday

October 15, 2010

National Boss ‘s Day Countdown.  There’s still time to show appreciation to your coffee-loving boss.   There’s still time to treat your boss to a great cup of freshly ground-organic coffee (using your new Burr Grinder) in a java-snazzy mug emblazed with “World’s Best Boss.”   Top that latte froth off with a bit of coffee trivia, too.  Back in 1958 when the hottest coffee maker around was the Universal Copper Coffeematic, Patricia Haroski registered the first Boss’s Day.  Haroski picked October 16, her father’s birthday, and (drum roll), we now have National Boss’s Day celebrated every October 16.  There’s still time, but hurry.

Wordless Wednesday: A Brewing Theme

October 13, 2010

URLove It Link: Sleepless in Stumptown

October 12, 2010

Coffee snobs, are you wondering…

  • Latte art – sure it’s pretty, but what does it reveal?
  • Why won’t a snobby barista let you take your espresso to go?
  • Where does one go to get a stellar cup of coffee in New York?

The answers to these and other brewing questions are in this informative New York Times article by Oliver Strand. We think URLove it!

via New York Is Finally Taking Its Coffee Seriously –

Anti-Coffee Snob of the Month: (Currently Madquerading as a National Holiday)

October 11, 2010

October is a month when cinema and costume shops brim with versions of an anti-Christ, and pharmacies pedal antihistamines.  So with Kleenex, Claritin, and a cross to ward off the latest vampire flick, we bring you our Anti-Coffee Snob of the Month.

He is none other than that slave trader from Genoa himself; that voyager who aided in the transfer of diseases like small pox and typhus to The New World; that discoverer who brought coffee to the “Rich Coast” and never drank a drop. Yes, you guessed it. Our Anti-Snob of the Month is the celebrated Christopher Columbus.

Back then coffee was vogue only with those libertines in Venice (How else can a hardworking gondolier get up in the morning after shuttling party-goers to and fro while fighting off rats until the wee hours of the morning?) The admiral’s Ligurian culture frowned upon public or private consumption of coffee:  Alcohol good, caffeine bad.  So a while back “in fourteen hundred and ninety-two (through to 1502) when Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” he was blasted on sherry. No wonder he missed Asia by a long shot. High in sugar, high in alcohol content…Hangover! He should have known better. He’s from right next to the Piedmont region of Italy. Surely there was a nice Barolo he could have brought with him. (Wine Snobs we refer to your historical expertise here.) He still might have gotten lost, but he’d have had a better food/wine pairing with the chocolate he brought back to The Old World.

Maybe if Columbus had had a good strong cup of coffee during his explorations he would have docked at his intended destination.  But then where would we be? There might not have been The Columbian Exchange. No New World potatoes for Ireland’s famine? No tomatoes for spaghetti sauce? And conversely, what about no Old World horses for the Amerindians or wheat for America’s Bread Basket?  Can you imagine a Costa Rica without a coffee plantation?  Eureka!

Therefore, we recognize this inadvertently influential, non-consumer as our Anti-Coffee Snob of the Month.

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Coffee Facts Friday

October 8, 2010

In this land of the midnight sun, Norwegians are world leaders in consumption of coffee.  Lots and lots of java beans are imported, 41 tons actually.
No Starbucks abound in this land of soaring glaciers and spectacular Fjords, but coffee bars percolate in Oslo where coffee lovers gather to sip specialty drinks.
Espressos and Cappuccinos are trendy, but Norwegian Egg Coffee is still a staple.  Learn how to brew authentic Norwegian coffee at
Another cherished custom is the afternoon social kaffe.   Steaming pots of rich coffee and sumptuous cakes and buttery cookies are served to friends and family.  Jubel!
Leif Erikson Day is celebrated this Saturday October 9 throughout the United States.  Leif Erikson is the first recorded Nordic person to explore North America.  One has to wonder if this early explorer, nicknamed Leif the Lucky, was motivated to discover new lands or discover the best cup of coffee.