Coffee Facts Friday

Aloha Coffee Lovers.

What do King Kamehameha, Pele the Fire Goddess, volcanic soil, August 21, 1959, Don Francisco and Ethiopia have been in common?

Kona coffee.   One of the finest, gourmet coffees in the world is grown in Hawaii.  Hawaii became our Union’s 50th state in 1959, and is the only state where coffee is grown commercially.  Volcanic soils, temperature, rainfall, sunshine, cloud cover and hard-working farmers create the ideal conditions for the rare Arabica coffee tree to flourish.

As the story goes,  in 1813 Don Francisco de Paula y Marin brought the ornamental coffee tree from Ethiopia as a tribute to King Kamehameha.  Marin served the great King as an astute entrepreneur, advisor, self-made physician, and he made one hell of a cup of coffee. Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire lives within the Kilauea volcanoes, and when she is miffed she causes the volcanoes to erupt and the lava to flow enriching the soil.  Goddess of Fire, surely, but to coffee lovers the world over, Pele is the Goddess of Coffee.

Raise your coffee mug high in salute to Statehood Day celebrated on the third Friday in August.  In 1959, August 21, Hawaii became the 50th state in our Union bringing us the rich, mellow, aromatic coffee.


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