Coffee Snob of the Month



(Photo on left is not Ron)

Ron Maupin owns Haggle of Vendors Emporium in Grand Junction, Colorado. His Main Street store is a time-travel trip, without the need for a DeLorean. He sells everything from miniature glass chickens to antiques to the kitchen table, but he doesn’t sell coffee. Not anymore.

See, Ron used to own the restaurant on the corner next door, when it was a coffee shop, when it was Jitters.  It may have been the day-to-day close proximity to all the caffeine, but it seems Ron couldn’t stay in one place. Logically, he bought a house where any java-loving traveler who needs an escape from winter might like to live: Costa Rica. These days he jets there and back, splitting his time between South America and the American West.

Now, dual residence is often sign of a caffeine addict, someone with the …jitters (sorry).  But as clarified in an earlier post, a caffeine addict is not always a coffee snob.  So, is Ron a coffee snob? 

He answered the question with a question. “If you used to own a coffee shop, and bought a house in a coffee-growing country, and only drink that coffee – does that qualify one as a coffee snob?”

Ahhh…YES! Or shall we say, definitivamente, Mi amigo.

Let us note, however, that Ron is an affable guy. He does not wear snobbery on his collar.  But let us consider his amiable demeanor as paired with the phrasing of his response. Hmm.  Does this mean he is coy about his snobbery? Or, is he simply in denial?

 Then again, there is more than one kind of snob, which poses a final point to ponder: what type of coffee snob is he?

PS: Attn Readers…coming on September 29, National Coffee Day, look for the Coffee Snobology book excerpt on the four coffee snob archetypes.


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