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Coffee Facts Friday

August 27, 2010

Kathy, Karen and Nancy meet early Saturday morning at their favorite coffeehouse to savor espressos and life stories.  Sipping coffee and laughing at Karen’s recent high school reunion stories they ponder if they are more than just good friends who like real good coffee and good stories or are they a coffee clutch.  Nancy wonders, “So, where did the term coffee clutch come from?”  A Google search illuminates more than anyone needs or wishes that early on a Saturday morning.  Huddling over Kathy’s computer, the three order a second cup and read that coffee clutch is derived from the German Kaffeeklatsch, which translates to coffee chat or as one source disclosed klatch actually means gossip.  Although Karen, Kathy and Nancy proudly proclaim themselves coffee snobs because they are, after all, women of high coffee standards; nevertheless, they dismiss the author who snipped “People who say coffee clutch are simply wrong, unless they are referring to a coffee-cup sleeve.”
So, roll up your sleeves, and have another good cup of coffee.




August 26, 2010

On August 26, 1920, the headline of a special to the New York Times read: Colby Proclaims Woman Suffrage.  The story notes that Secretary Bainbridge Colby of Tennessee skipped breakfast, but he confessed, “I must say that I had time to partake of about one and one-half cups of coffee before I signed the proclamation.”

It’s only fitting that coffee rather than champagne preceded the nineteenth amendment becoming part of the constitution of the United States.  Although it would be many years after the ink from Colby’s signature had dried before Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique and founding member of the National Women’s Political Caucus suggested that it is a woman’s right, “to make policy not coffee.”

Good thing Secretary Colby didn’t have decaf or on August 26th women might be celebrating How Do You Take It? Day instead.

Wordless Wednesday…Coffee Clutch

August 25, 2010

Coffee Clutch

Coffee Facts Friday

August 20, 2010

Aloha Coffee Lovers.

What do King Kamehameha, Pele the Fire Goddess, volcanic soil, August 21, 1959, Don Francisco and Ethiopia have been in common?

Kona coffee.   One of the finest, gourmet coffees in the world is grown in Hawaii.  Hawaii became our Union’s 50th state in 1959, and is the only state where coffee is grown commercially.  Volcanic soils, temperature, rainfall, sunshine, cloud cover and hard-working farmers create the ideal conditions for the rare Arabica coffee tree to flourish.

As the story goes,  in 1813 Don Francisco de Paula y Marin brought the ornamental coffee tree from Ethiopia as a tribute to King Kamehameha.  Marin served the great King as an astute entrepreneur, advisor, self-made physician, and he made one hell of a cup of coffee. Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire lives within the Kilauea volcanoes, and when she is miffed she causes the volcanoes to erupt and the lava to flow enriching the soil.  Goddess of Fire, surely, but to coffee lovers the world over, Pele is the Goddess of Coffee.

Raise your coffee mug high in salute to Statehood Day celebrated on the third Friday in August.  In 1959, August 21, Hawaii became the 50th state in our Union bringing us the rich, mellow, aromatic coffee.

Bad (Coffee) Poetry Day

August 18, 2010


Wordless Wednesday

August 17, 2010

August 15th: National Relaxation Day (for Coffee Lovers)

August 14, 2010

Go ahead, coffee snobs. Ease off the pedal. Begin your day of relaxation with a cup of coffee.

Wait a minute! Hold the French Presses.

Relax? With a caffeinated stimulant? Isn’t that a contradiction?  Doesn’t the idea of relaxation conjure up the impression of massages, the scent of lavender, and napping on a hammock?

It might if it weren’t for lawn mowers, bees, and $120.00 on next month’s credit card statement.  On the other hand, isn’t coffee by its very nature the opposite of relaxation? Hmm. Perhaps not, snobs. Perhaps not.

Let’s explore this paradox.

First, the morning cup of coffee is defined by some to be an “object of relaxation.” Case and point: According to high-profile, former Target businesswoman, Robyn Waters, “…A cup of coffee turns into a five minute vacation, a deep breath moment.”*  Hear that?  The cup is a vessel, a mode of transport to affordable respite. No cancelled flights. No lost luggage. No coach seats… just a deep breath moment, not unlike a free first-class upgrade.

Second, routines foster a sense of balance, of structure and stability. In that context, a morning cup of java savored alone in the early hours of daylight, or shared around a community table at the diner while tossing dice, or sipped with a co-worker during the 10:00am “coffee break,” reduces anxiety. Routine transcends into ritual. The bean, ground and brewed, filtered and poured then becomes, yes, Jungian.  Java consumer, heal thy self.

Lastly, the whole notion of National Relaxation Day is a British brainstorm called, National Slacker’s Day, or a.k.a.  Take-a-Day-Off-Work, Flop-on-the-Couch-Commando, Nurse-a-Hangover Day. Organizers did not have meditation and seaweed wraps in mind. Their event is dedicated to the UK’s overworked employees.  In truth, it’s like a daylong coffee break, for tea drinkers.

In the end, like every great novel and most Beatle songs, the theme of this self-indulgent holiday is love. Do what you love. Read what you love. Listen to what you love. Drink what you love. Snobs, let your coffee pot runneth over.


Coffee Facts Friday (for Left Handers)

August 13, 2010

Celebrating Left Handers’ Day:

“Trying to hit Koufax is like trying to drink coffee with a fork.”       – Willie Stargell

Unless you’re a major league baseball pitcher or Phil Mickelson, lefties live in a world best suited to right-handers. An estimated 10% (stats vary) of the population is a southpaw. Even drinking coffee has it challenges. Luckily,  (search w/”left-handed”) sells left-handed coffee mugs so that your favorite quote faces you and not the dog. As for tips on nearly everything else lefty, check out the guide at (search w/”gauche”).

Wordless Wednesday

August 11, 2010

Coffee Snob of the Month

August 9, 2010