Proud Owner of a Burr Coffee Grinder

Burr Grinder

Yesterday, I bought a Burr Coffee Grinder.  Me.  A woman convinced that grocery chains established grind your own machines with us non-grinders in mind.  Until six months ago, I thought Burr, as in Aaron, was a tragic chapter in American history, but now a new grinder has center stage on my kitchen counter.

The evolution can only be explained by peer pressure, snob peer pressure of true coffee snobs.   Slowly, their persistence in nudging me to wake up and smell the coffee worked—literally.

One friend assumed a persuasive, seductive approach by tempting me with the sweet aroma of freshly-ground beans waved under my nose.  Still another took a more direct approach and demonstrated how easy and mess free her grinder worked.  I wasn’t convinced.

My son, who always grinds his own beans and insists on bringing me Fair-trade beans, sent me links to all types of coffee grinders, including the new conical Burr.

In the past, one rule governed shopping: If it fits over my butt, snap up two pairs.  Buying a coffee grinder required new rules.   Rule number one:  Read the literature.  Rule number two:  Talk with your favorite barista.   Friendly and knowledgeable Dianne explained the intricate inner workings of the commercial-grade, steel conical burrs, pointed to the elegant design, and the company’s claim promising maximum aroma and flavor retention.  Then came the closure—it is mess free.

Early this morning I opened a bag of Papau New Guinea coffee and poured the lovely aromatic beans into the see-through chamber, set the dial to medium and watched as the freshly-ground beans swirled around and around, listened to the whirring and purring and smiled as the perfectly ground beans filled the no-mess container.  Let’s have coffee.


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One Response to “Proud Owner of a Burr Coffee Grinder”

  1. coffeesnobology Says:

    The grinder in the photo has an ethereal appearance…is it the embodiment of a higher coffee realm?

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