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Wordless Wednesday

April 28, 2010


Coffee Facts Friday: In the Movies

April 23, 2010

No doubt about it, Americans love their coffee.  Fifty-two percent drink the rich, aromatic beverage every morning.

Coffee is so much a part of our daily lives that it has a role in some movies.
Top Ten Coffee References in Movies
How was coffee featured in these movies?
10. Amelie
9. You’ve  Got Mail
8. Dante’s Peak
7. The Bucket’s List
6.  Best in Show
5. Heat
4. The Devil Wears Prada
3. The Big Heat
2. Pulp Fiction
1. When Harry Meets Sally

Wordless Wednesday

April 21, 2010

The Grind Coffee House and Roaster

Coffee Snobology: Who isn’t a Coffee Snob

April 20, 2010

A Coffee Snob can be a jolt-seeker, but a jolt seeker is not always a Coffee Snob. The primitive jolt-seeker, a.k.a. caffeine addict – a.k.a. Fake Snob, is indiscriminate in their means to a buzz. They have no standards. The Fake Snob will stumble haphazardly toward the nearest cup, can, or convenience store to infuse their bloodstream with whatever has the power to awaken. Cold or hot or warmed-up: temperature is not the seductress. Single-syllable (bean) or compound ingredients (phosphoric acid and brominated vegetable oil with “natural” flavors) will suffice.  Any nearby fix will do.

This can be forgivable were it only a rare occurrence, one akin to waking up on a “morning after” in Atlantic City, a stranger lying next to you on the revolving bed, a wedding ring sparkling from the sliver of sun glaring in through a crack in the light-block curtain. The arbitrary a.m. caffeine fix could even be rationalized were it practiced one-time daily, especially if the fanatic was a night-shift worker or a werewolf .  (Forget it, vampires, nothing will wake you from a dead sleep.)

Coffee Snobs do not look down upon these creatures of habitual infusion. Oh contraire! It is with empathy and a little bit of embarrassment that ones eyes are cast into the mirror of truth. Scenarios of Vitality-By-Desperation are all too familiar, with memories buried but not distinguished in blunted neurons. For Coffee Snobs know: “There but for the grace of burr grind go I.”

Coffee Facts Friday

April 16, 2010

Coffee was first discovered in Abyssinia, now called Ethiopia, when an Abyssinian goatherd noticed his goats were dancing after eating the bright red berries and leaves of the coffee plant.  Love those dancing goats!

Wordless Wednesday

April 14, 2010

Coffee Facts Friday

April 10, 2010

“Good to the last drop.”  A familiar phrase we have all heard and maybe even murmured.  But who said it first?  In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt was overheard to remark that a cup of Maxwell House coffee was “good to the last drop.”

Proud Owner of a Burr Coffee Grinder

April 9, 2010

Burr Grinder

Yesterday, I bought a Burr Coffee Grinder.  Me.  A woman convinced that grocery chains established grind your own machines with us non-grinders in mind.  Until six months ago, I thought Burr, as in Aaron, was a tragic chapter in American history, but now a new grinder has center stage on my kitchen counter.

The evolution can only be explained by peer pressure, snob peer pressure of true coffee snobs.   Slowly, their persistence in nudging me to wake up and smell the coffee worked—literally.

One friend assumed a persuasive, seductive approach by tempting me with the sweet aroma of freshly-ground beans waved under my nose.  Still another took a more direct approach and demonstrated how easy and mess free her grinder worked.  I wasn’t convinced.

My son, who always grinds his own beans and insists on bringing me Fair-trade beans, sent me links to all types of coffee grinders, including the new conical Burr.

In the past, one rule governed shopping: If it fits over my butt, snap up two pairs.  Buying a coffee grinder required new rules.   Rule number one:  Read the literature.  Rule number two:  Talk with your favorite barista.   Friendly and knowledgeable Dianne explained the intricate inner workings of the commercial-grade, steel conical burrs, pointed to the elegant design, and the company’s claim promising maximum aroma and flavor retention.  Then came the closure—it is mess free.

Early this morning I opened a bag of Papau New Guinea coffee and poured the lovely aromatic beans into the see-through chamber, set the dial to medium and watched as the freshly-ground beans swirled around and around, listened to the whirring and purring and smiled as the perfectly ground beans filled the no-mess container.  Let’s have coffee.

Wordless Wednesday

April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Coffee Facts Friday

April 2, 2010

Japan is now the third largest consumer of coffee.  They even know how to reduce wrinkles by bathing in coffee grounds that are fermented by pineapple pulp.
Hmmmm, reduce wrinkles with coffee grounds!  Excuse me while I forage my neighbor’s coffee grounds for a full-body soak.