Coffee Snob Clutch

Everybody’s a snob about something.

Snobbery knows no bounds. From tools to technology to toilet paper, we all have preferences.  But there is one snob universality that transcends all others: coffee.

We invite you to share your path to obsession, your tips on ramping up a wannabe’s status, your cautionary tales of mis-sips.

It may be that the transition from office percolator or automatic vendor or church-basement-offerings to your refined palate’s standards took time – distant memories accessed only by hypnosis or a decaf daze. One does not become a Coffee Snob overnight. It is an evolutionary process with many archetypes (not everyone is or will be a Grande’ Snob). So know that while you’re unique, you are not alone.

Be not shy. Embrace your inner Coffee Snob. Become one with the bean.

Welcome coffee lovers,

The Snobologists.



One Response to “Coffee Snob Clutch”

  1. Lynn Moore Says:

    I so appreciate this blog recognizing that it is okay to be snobbish, to insist on quality. I agree. My journey along the coffee-bean trail started way back in college when I sipped coffee because that’s what college kids do. Although it may have been that cute guy and the chocolate brownies that I desired that prompted the first step, more than the coffee.

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